Picture by @mariabphoto17

Hi there!

Now you are thinking: “Who is this? And why should I be interested?” 


Well, that’s a great question, so you should stay and chat. I guarantee good fun and a lovely conversation. 


This is gonna be great. But first, let me put the kettle on.  


I mostly work as an Illustrator and graphic designer is the thing that I love the most. I've been drawing every day since I remember, which makes me so happy, and being able to work doing it is great! 


I finished Graphic Design at Northumbria University in 2018.


Do you want milk on your tea? Sugar? 


I'm also a writer! Yes, you hear that well.  I can’t choose! I just need to do it all.


I started writing scripts, and now I'm on my way to writing a whole novel. I also wrote a graphic novel when I was at uni and I'm planning on writing another one soon!! All my work always focuses on a deep self-critique view, very autobiographical. A feminist point of view is always there too! 


Tea is ready!  I’ll let you discover the rest. 


Be careful, it is hot!