Hello there!

Now you’re thinking “Who is this? And why should I be interested?” 


Well, that’s a question I can’t barely answer myself, but you should stay and chat. 

I’ll guaranteed good fun and a lovely conversation. 


Just relax, this is gonna be great.




I love the way I look in this picture, isn’t great? A pretty nice photographer took it for me. I did the art, makeup and costume design. 


-Yeah! I’m glad you asked.


I’m and Art Director too, I’d made a couple of music videos, and photoshoots. Is always very stressful but when you see the result is the most beautiful feeling.  You can check them out later if you want. 


-Oh! But, please wait for me to go, I’m too shy. 


I mostly work as an Illustrator though, is the thing that I love the most. I draw everyday since I remember, is the thing that makes me the happiest, and being able work doing what I love is great! 


-Well, I finished Graphic Design at Northumbria University a couple of years ago. How did you know that? Are you spying on me? Ha, ha, ha. I’m just joking. 


I love Graphic Design too, you know, I can’t choose! I just need to do it all. 

What can I say? The thing I love the most is doing editorial design, mostly magazines and books. But you can see that when you navigate through my work. I’ll let you discover the rest. 




It has been amazing! I knew it! I’m so glad you stay. 


And now. 


-Would you like a cup of coffee or something?

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